IT Solutions and Services


IT Solutions and Services

Appsure IT provides a range of IT Solutions & Services that help businesses throughout the UK get the most from their IT Systems.

We’re experts in IT solutions, IT consultancy, business analysis, project management and IT training. Our customers trust us to help them get IT systems that support their business and our priority is in understanding your business, then ensure you have the right platforms, applications and tools in place.

Something that makes us unique to many other IT companies as we have no products to sell. We support your business on a journey of discovering, exploring what IT solutions are available to help drive your business forward or to help you deal with business problems where IT can be part of the solution. For us, we see IT as one part of a range of tools to help solve your business problems.

Appsure IT support companies of all sizes but also have a specific range of IT support services for small businesses. We understand the unique challenges and constraints that small businesses face and we are here to help. Based in Aberdeen, Scotland we are able to support customers throughout the United Kingdom.

We believe in building strong relationships and partnerships with our customers based on trust. They trust us to get to what their business needs and that we will look for the most suitable yet affordable IT solutions for them. There is no upselling or add-ons, our customers get what they need and we support them every step of the way.” – Steven Smith – Appsure IT | Managing Director

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IT Solutions

IT Solutions are at their best when they are working with your business rather than against it.

IT Consultancy

Business Consultants supporting, guiding and mentoring your existing team.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis brings solutions to business challenges and problems.

Project Management

Managing an IT project requires not only good Project Management experience but also good technical knowledge.

Business Analytics

Getting answers to important business questions is at the heart of Business Analytics.

IT Training

IT Systems and solutions add no value if nobody knows how to use them.

IT Support

IT offers a huge array of challenges, partnership with IT experts offers a single contact point.

Small Business IT Solutions

Small businesses have great flexibility, but ensuring this is exploited often requires a unique approach.