Steven Smith | Managing Director

Having worked with many IT technology solutions over the last 20 years many things have changed with the pace increasing every year. The IT solutions and technology that is used continues to evolve at a significant pace, but the most exciting part for me is how businesses are now responding and looking to evolve.

Having worked within IT for small businesses through to multinationals, one key common value that I’ve always maintained is that IT is there as an enabler for the business. Technology must bring benefits to the business! For this to work properly, those making decisions about IT must understand the capabilities of IT technology solutions and have a good understanding of how the business works.

Many companies are providing IT Support in Aberdeen, Scotland & the United Kingdom (UK). However, one of the challenges that remain for many businesses (particularly small businesses) is that these IT Support companies either don’t support IT applications or will support limited business functions or software suppliers.

Appsure IT was created to provide our customers with a single focal point for their IT technology solutions, regardless of system, supplier or area of the business. Our focus is on your business challenges and opportunities. We work in partnership with you and your business, regardless of technology or solutions. Once we understand the business requirements, we can consider what IT solutions are available to meet the business need.

We are here to provide IT support to businesses of all sizes and offer focused services to cater for the unique challenges of running small businesses.

We are here to help your business grow and develop without having to worry about your IT technology solutions.

If your are looking for better ways to use your IT Systems and understand what opportunities are available for to support your business, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss how Appsure IT can support your business.

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