Appsure IT Events

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience on IT solutions and applications.

Our series of online workshops, demonstrations and training sessions are designed to help business of all size maximise the benefits from IT.

HubSpot Overview for Small BusinessFree online demonstration on how HubSpot can support Small Business.

This session is for you if:
– You have heard about HubSpot or CRMs but don’t know how to get started.
– You may have registered with the HubSpot free package but can’t work out what to do next.
– You are using a spreadsheet, email, notebook or memory to manage your contacts, sales leads or customers.

This session will cover:
– What CRMs are for and how all business working in a Business To Business (B2B) environment should be using one.
– How integrating email with a CRM can organise your sales data and make it easily accessible.
– How to use tasks to tasks to support your sales process and provide your potential customers with a positive experience when dealing with you and your company.
-Using existing customer base to maintain and generate interest in you and your company.
– How to create your own sales funnel and managing it efficiently.

16:00-17:00 BSTOnline
Introduction to Power BIIf you’ve heard about Microsoft Power BI and want to find out more this introduction section is for you.

This event is for you if:
– You are a business leader frustrated by not being able to get answers in a timely manner to key questions.
– You work with excel and are struggling to share this in a meaningful way with your business leaders.
– You are exploring technology options to help your business become effective and efficient.
– You are looking to access data from more than one system or data source to aid business decisions.
– You want to transform your business decision into a data lead rather than relying upon options and feelings.

This session will cover:
– How to quickly access data from multiple data sources and join them together.
– How to clean, transform and present the data.
– Using custom rules and formulas into a dataset that can be easily used and understood by others.
– Using visualisations to answer key business questions.
– Creating dashboards that will provide a high-level business overview.
– Using AI to gain insights into your data and create new visualisations.
16:00-17:30 BSTOnline