Business Analysis

What Business Analysis Services are provided by Appsure IT?

Importance of Business Analysis

Our business analysis services are unique to your organisations needs and are focused on identifying needs rather than technology.

Investigating business problems often leads business managers and owners to a conclusion that change is required to some (or all) of their IT Systems. While this solution can often have a positive impact on the business, it does not always achieve what the decision-makers were looking for. This is because they were looking for the new IT Solution to tackle symptoms rather than the underlying root cause.

Good Business Analysis work at an early stage can uncover the true cause of any business problems and provide recommendations on what action to take to resolve the root cause problems. This may be a new IT System but ensuring that the root cause problems are in-scope for resolution. It can often be that training, process improvement or organisation redesign can prove a much cheaper and desirable solution.

For Appsure IT, the key to starting any customer project of this type is to work on a clear Scope of Work followed by the development of a Business Case. No good Business Analyst Consultant should perform any engagement without both these documents completed and agreed with their Customer.

Upon completion of the Business Case, the customer then has a clear understanding of what options are available to them, along with expected costs, time, resources, risks & benefits that are to be achieved. On top of that, they will also get a recommendation as to which option best suits their business.

Business Analysis has many tools that can be used by those within the business or by your IT team. However, using a Business Analyst Consultant like those provided by Appsure IT will not only bring a wider range of experience at performing the analysis but will not be restricted by the day-to-day activities that your internal resources will inevitably get caught up in. Appsure IT will provide a dedicated Business Analyst that will work with you to provide realistic project milestones to ensure that you get the answers to your questions without delays.

The time required to deliver a Business Analysis project is depended on the size of the company and the problem. By making sure your internal resources are available and ready to participate in workshops or information sharing sessions, the whole process could be completed within a few weeks (if not sooner).

Missing out the Business Analysis activity and going straight to an IT Systems provider could simply mean you get another IT System to manage within the business that leaves you with significant challenges going forward.

Appsure IT only provide Business Analyst that are qualified with a BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis. This internationally recognised qualification along with a wide-ranging business experience ensures that our Business Analyst Consultants are best placed to help your company.

Many people think that Business Analysis is something only required for big companies. While this has traditionally been the case, Appsure IT is committed to bringing quality problem solving and good decision making to smaller companies that can’t afford to hire dedicated a Business Analyst. The cost of time and money in making a bad decision with IT Systems makes the small initial investment required for Business Analysis good business sense.

If you want to hear more about our Business Analysis services and how they can support your business, simply email or use the below form and we can book a free consultation.