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What are the IT Solutions and Business IT Services provided by Appsure IT?

As an IT solutions company, we specialise in providing our customers with business IT solutions that are aligned with their strategic objectives and digital strategies. This means that we help customers find technology solutions that work within their company and are aligned to their processes and capabilities. With software being provided in the cloud it is now far easier for companies to move business IT solutions quicker and with less cost. We help our customers find and implement the best IT solutions for their business if their existing systems are no longer fit for their purpose.

Our approach to supporting customers with their problems with IT systems is to first gain a better understanding of their business. Reviewing their existing processes along with how they use their IT systems allows us to gain a deeper insight into current challenges and potential opportunities for improvement. We bring our investigation together by supporting the client create a business case. This business case is owned and championed within the customers business to ensure all business stakeholders understand and support the proposed changes. When we are at the stage where the project is to progress, we work with the client to identify all potential IT solutions that could meet our customers’ needs and support them with the evaluation of the options. This allows our customers’ the greatest confidence that they are getting the correct solutions to meet their business needs and they will achieve the benefits required.

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We also support customers with data cleansing, data migration, configuration, training and reporting for any new IT system.

Getting the right business IT solution for your organisation requires more than a simple google search to find available IT systems! Working with a trusted IT solutions company like Appsure IT will ensure that you get the application that meets your businesses unique needs and you’re not left feeling underwhelmed and deflated post-implementation.

You could go straight to an application provider and ask them to implement their IT solution. This is often something that Appsure IT may recommend for you however; this will only be done after a proper review of your requirements and the potential options have been explored. We can also provide our Project Management services to customers at this point to support their IT implementation. While an IT systems provider would likely provide a Project Manager, this would be to manage their interests in the project not to work for you to deliver your required benefits.

Some people may feel that they don’t need the services of an IT solutions company like Appsure IT to perform their IT projects. What they often fail to do when scoping a project is to perform an accurate estimate of: time to setup, configure user access, tidy and transfer their data. Projects can quickly get out of hand and consume more resources and time than planned. This ultimately leads to increased costs or reduced scope. Is this what you would want for your new IT system?

The time we take to deliver your project depends on your size and urgency. Although we follow good business analysis and project management principles when delivering projects, that is not at the expense of delivering to the customers’ timeline. Appsure IT provide only experienced Prince2 practitioners to support your project delivery, to ensure we provide your project with the correct control needed.

Our key competitive advantage is that we have no relationships with IT systems suppliers and are willing to support any technology our clients have. We offer our clients a relationship that extends their IT capability and is focused on meeting our clients’ needs over selling the most up-to-date technology solution.

By engaging Appsure IT, we can work on your behalf to understand the technical and business requirements you have and ensure that all potential solutions can meet these. This offloading allows you to concentrate on performing your day job while we focus on driving your business IT solutions forward.

To read more about some of the IT solutions that we currently support clients with, check out our free applications for small business owners blog where we talk more about some of the individual applications.

If you want to hear more about our IT solutions and how they can support your business, simply email or use the below form and we can book a free consultation.