What Customer Relationship Management (CRM) IT solutions are provided by Appsure IT?

With the choice of CRM systems seemingly endless, it’s easy to understand why many companies struggle to find the one that’s right for them. Consideration of how customers will interact with websites and social media can bring added complications as alignment to marketing strategy becomes a key requirement. One of the most underestimated areas to consider when looking at investing in a CRM solution is your internal culture and ways of working. The market-leading CRM software can offer far more functionality than most companies can use. These often-competing business requirements can lead to difficult implementation, resistance and poor adoption of your new CRM system.

With Appsure IT, we work hard early in the process to ensure we understand your business and the potential risks with your CRM implementation project. Our experience understanding the potential a CRM system can bring, along with having some difficult conversations on risks early in the project, enable commitment to the project to be clear. We lead your company through the process of creating a business case that allows transparency of deliverables, risk, resource, time and benefits. When you are clear that the correct support for the business case is in place, we can then look at capturing the requirements for a CRM system that meets your business needs.

There are several CRM systems that you can get for free and may work for you perfectly. However, even if you are getting free CRM software you still must make sure that it does what you need it to do and that it will work within your company. At Appsure IT we will always consider free applications as an option, but also make sure it is the right CRM system for your company.

Implementing a CRM system without external consultation is something that can be done. However, there are several potential issues you need to consider. The main question you need to ask is “Do you have the time available?” Setting up the CRM system, configuring user access, tidying and transferring contacts can take more time than you would expect. Add in training and creating reporting and a simple series of tasks can quickly become a significant time-consuming project.

Depending on the size of your company and how much functionality you intend to initially use, Appsure IT can help you get up-to-speed with your CRM software within a few weeks.

Appsure IT is not limited to any supplier and have years of experience working with various CRM systems, making us the perfect implementation partner for you to work with for your CRM system. We can support customers virtually if required so are not limited to the Aberdeen area and are keen to support businesses throughout Scotland and the UK.

Social Media to CRM Solutions

You may feel that costs associated with implementing a CRM system are too high and your existing approach will “do for now”. However, with a competitive range of CRM systems (including free packages), you need to consider what your competitors are doing. Are they engaging their prospects using marketing campaigns and using a CRM solution to reach out to and start a meaningful dialogue? Are they using Facebook Ads and Google Ads to identify prospects and have their CRM system drive prospect engagement? How does your approach stand up to that? Can you afford to allow your competitors to spend small amounts of money prospecting and converting leads into customers at an ever-improving rate?

Find out more about some of the Best Free CRM Solutions available on the market by reading our blog post cover the features available within the marketing leading free applications.

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