SharePoint Services provide by Appsure IT

SharePoint is a platform that is part of many companies IT infrastructure. However for many this platform that can help organisations solve so many business problems is left on the shelf with people wondering what it’s all about and why they have it.

There are 3 important areas where SharePoint offers great functionality:

  • Firstly as an Intranet site to give employees a central point for to for information, useful links, reports and various apps.
  • Secondly it provides great document repository capability, this includes sharing and version control functionality as well as great integration with the Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Finally the ability to create lists of data provides wide ranging features that make it far more suitable for data storage compared to spreadsheets.

These 3 areas of functionality are normally used in combination to provide great functionality that can address business problems with a fantastic and intuitive user experience. The platform also bring together a good structure and security to your business data. Controls can easily be introduced to help your business maintain a high quality of data.

If you currently have SharePoint but don’t know how to get the most from it, our experienced consultants can provide you with a free consultation, that will provide you with a range of opportunities and use cases that will give you lots of ideas for how you can use SharePoint to solve problems and improve you business processes.

Once you have a basic understanding of SharePoint and have some ideas for how it can help your business, our consultants can then begin to work with you to create a Scope of Work and a shared vision for how you want to move your business forward.

One of the greatest challenges with SharePoint is that may IT Support companies will provide you with access to the platform but don’t provide any setup, support or training to actually get any value from it. Our services will complement those already provided by your IT support partner. Once they have setup your Microsoft accounts you’ll have a blank SharePoint canvas ready to go, we can then take it from there and work with you to make the best use of this transformational technology.

If you have employees with experience using SharePoint, it may be possible to get some aspects of your SharePoint up and running. This works well for some organisations, but for many this dedicated time, effort and competence required to do this is not something they have available.

A questions we are often asked by clients when working with SharePoint is “How long will it take to get up and running?”. Our approach to working with SharePoint means that you can start to work with SharePoint almost straight away, with functionality build up gradually over an agreed timeframe. This gradual process provides initial upfront benefits and as your business becomes more comfortable with SharePoint, we can add more functionality.

At Appsure IT, our approach when working with clients, is always to focus on your business and the benefits that you are looking to achieve. We believe SharePoint is a great platform that can bring many benefits but are keen to make sure that your organisation is ready to use it. We’ll work with you to deliver just what you need and no more. This focus on your business and using the best available technology is why our customers trust us with their SharePoint journey.

If you’ve used previous versions of SharePoint in the past and are feeling slightly underwhelmed, DON’T LET THIS INFUENCE YOU!

If your organisation doesn’t currently use Outlook for your email or other Microsoft Suite applications, this doesn’t necessary exclude you from gaining access to SharePoint. Our consultants can discuss what options you have available to you and how they relate to your existing applications and any IT Strategies you may have. As it is available through website browsers, so it doesn’t matter if you have a PC, Mac, Tablet or Mobile device, you’ll be able to access your data where ever and when ever you need.

If you’d like some more information about how SharePoint can be used with some great use cases, check out the Microsoft SharePoint site.

Or if you want to hear more about our SharePoint services and how we can support your business, simply email or use the below form and we can book a free consultation.