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What IT Training Services are provided by Appsure IT?

Appsure IT – IT Systems Training

There are so many great IT Systems available that can provide an extensive range of functionality with nothing more than an email address and credit card. Many of these IT Systems come with hours of online tuition, YouTube videos and almost limitless online documentation. This wealth of resources can sometimes bring challenges. Most users and businesses will have some ideal goal that they want to achieve to begin using their new IT System. The endless number of resources while providing some great references, rarely delivers the results needed. It can also be difficult to ensure all members of your team have had the same level of training and can get everything from your new IT System.

To support businesses with these challenges Appsure IT provide bespoke training that is designed to meet your businesses unique needs. Our training can be performed remotely or on-sight if required. Ensuring that we cover the key requirements to operate the new IT System, we customise each training session to meet the needs of the client. This ensures that all delegates completing the training course are ready to begin using the new IT system and providing you with a return on your investment.

Our first step before confirming the dates and format of training is to talk to our clients to understand their current state and what they are looking to achieve. Some clients may have had their IT system in place for some time and are struggling to make the best use of it, while others may not even have seen the new IT system. From here we can start to tailor the IT training to suit the people within the organisation and discuss how best to structure the training.

This type of approach is something that we can do with a wide range of applications, from CRMs to Business Intelligence tools. If we are not able to directly support your IT system, we can use our network to help you find the most suitable supplier that will be able to assist. As an example, we currently offer a one-day training course for HubSpot CRM and can provide Power BI training for power users.

The length of each course depends on the IT system that we are performing the training on and what level of competency is required to meet your business needs. We can work over multiple days breaking sessions down into smaller half-day sessions to suit availability and need.

We are also capable of performing training remotely, but we can travel throughout Scotland and the UK if customers have specific requirements.

One of the key areas that set us apart from our competitors is that we focus the training on your unique business goals, rather than delivering off-the-shelf standard IT Training.

Some business leaders may question why the online training is not enough for their employees and why they can’t just get going with the new IT system. It’s important to understand that people learn in different ways and often require a blended approach relying on videos, online and the more traditional training environment.

While to will create a training program around your systems and organisation we also have some pre-built training programs ready to go that can help you get up to speed with Power BI or HubSpot Training.

If you want to hear more about our IT Training services and how they can support your business, simply email or use the below form and we can book a free consultation.