HubSpot Training

HubSpot and CRM training provide by Appsure IT

Getting the right training for your HubSpot or CRM application can directly impact your ability to convert leads into customers. We focus our training on supporting and improving your existing sales process. Why do we focus on HubSpot rather than other CRM applications?

HubSpot is quickly becoming the non-industry specific go-to CRM lead management application. The exceptionally low entry point combined with end to end lead management functionality, along with simple scalability leads to a CRM that can sit very well in any organisation working in a Business-to-business (B2B) environment.

An application with such an easy approach to getting up and running can still bring with it some challenges. While some business owners and sales teams are able to begin working with the system almost straight away, for many others training and access to an experienced source of knowledge can be a large barrier. Appsure IT can provide HubSpot sales training either using a standard course or we can customise our Hubspot sales training around your unique business needs. With years of experience in CRM training, we can bring industry knowledge and best practice to your HubSpot sales training sessions, ensuring that your organisation get up and running with HubSpot sales hub as soon as the training is complete.

In our early discussions with new clients, we discuss with them what type of CRM training they feel they need. Understanding, how many users they have, what experience they have working with CRMs and exposing some of the senior management goals is key to selecting the right approach to training.

Once we have agreed on the most suitable approach to the HubSpot sales training we can then look at selecting suitable dates and times for the training sessions. Depending on the customer’s requirements we can perform training within one day or over a series of smaller sessions. This flexibility can make it easier to get larger teams together without delaying training for longer periods of time to find suitable dates. Breaking the training course down into smaller sessions can also help some delegates digest some of the content, particularly if they have little or no experience with CRMs.

Some people may want to look at HubSpot to perform their training. While the quality of this training will undoubtedly be of high quality, we feel Appsure IT can match that quality plus bring additional benefits. We offer you flexibility on the course content, duration and number of sessions to run the course, tailor material to your business as well as providing some extra support to our customers after the training is complete.

HubSpot has an excellent training academy that covers all areas of the HubSpot product. This type of self-paced online learning is not always suitable for everybody. Many people learn better with a more interactive approach to training. It is often must better for business leaders, where they can be clear that all training delegates will have a similar understanding of how the systems perform and are then able to begin using the HubSpot SalesHub module.

For most organisations, our standard HubSpot SalesHub foundation course can be performed within one day.

Appsure IT also works as an implementation partner for many of our customers. This means that our HubSpot sales training is performed by an IT Consultant that has performed implementations. This brings the level of understanding and knowledge sharing beyond that provided by a normal training provider. We also have an additional benefit of providing a training manual to support your CRM training.

Some business owners may feel that as HubSpot is a very user-friendly application, training is not worth an additional expense. Before deciding this I would always urge them to consider the cost of not getting the application up and running well, within their organisation. The potential cost of failure is often far higher than getting their team training and motivated!

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If you want to hear more about our HubSpot sales training and how we can support your business, simply email or use the below form and we can book a free consultation.