Project Management

What Project Management Services are provided by Appsure IT?

As a UK based Project Management consultancy company, we provide several variations of support to help companies with their IT projects. If you have a failed or failing IT Project, Appsure IT can provide support to your existing project team to it back on track.

We can also provide direct Project Management resource for any IT project that you have planned. Our Project Management Consultants are not only experienced but also hold a valid PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification. This level of experience and qualification ensures that they can deal with any IT project regardless of size or complexity.

When engaged by a new client, we will work with them to ensure that there is a valid Project Brief and we will create a Scope of Work for the project engagement. This ensures that the projects’ benefits are captured and it’s clear how Appsure IT will help achieve them.

The remaining project deliverables and timelines will be configured to suit the project and companies need. We understand the importance of meeting the clients’ expectations and not producing unnecessary project documentation.

Many companies attempt to implement IT Projects without appointing an IT Project Manager. Even with smaller companies, this can be a mistake. An IT Project Manager is accountable to the Business Leaders and therefore give those running the business a clear point of contact for an IT project. The alternative is often for them to become over-involved and spend far too much time attempting to run the project themselves. This can often lead to a failed IT project.

Appointing an internal resource to perform the role of IT Project Manager can be a great option, but care needs to be taken to ensure that they have the required skills and are given proper time to focus on the project. It can be very difficult for internal Project Managers to remain focused on the project demands while still ensuring day-to-day obligations are met.

Although Appsure IT provide PRINCE2 Practitioners, we are happy to work with your business and project management preferences.

The time required to deliver a successful IT Project depends on the size and scale of the company and the IT solution being implemented. By making sure your internal resources are available and ready to participate, the whole process could be completed within a few weeks.

Appsure IT provide IT Project Managers that also hold a relevant qualification in Business Analysis and years of experience in IT. This combination of experience ensures that the Project is managed by IT and Project Management experts.

Many people think that Project Management is something that is only required for big companies. While this has traditionally been the case, Appsure IT is committed to bringing quality control and management of projects to organisations of all sizes. This means that the expected benefits for an IT project don’t end up being missed opportunities.

If you want to hear more about our Project Management services and how they can support your business, simply email or use the below form and we can book a free consultation.