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Steven discusses why he setup Appsure IT

I have worked for many companies over the past 20 years, covering organisations of various sizes and sectors. Most of these roles have involved working between IT and business users. This has given me great experience joining up business needs with IT capability. This is where my passion for Business Analysis came from.

Steven Smith

Combining my passion for Business Analysis along with seeing first-hand the positive effect that it can have on small companies, is why I setup Appsure IT. I feel small companies do not often get the same kind of access to specialist support. I wanted to help them make good decisions about their IT Systems. The pace of change and need to make decisions is probably more relevant to smaller companies as they grow. Processes and applications that used to work well, may become bottlenecks or strained as the organisation and people change.

What is the target Appsure IT client base?

My vision for Appsure IT, is to provide services to Small and Medium sized organisations within the Aberdeen, Scotland and the UK. We offer smaller organisations the ability to explore their problems without any large financial commitment. The client is free to determine the time scale that suits their unique business constraints and demands.

Services Offered

We offer four main service that can be used on their own or in combination with each other. The roles of Business Analyst, Project Manager & Business Analytics Analyst each have their own benefits but are often used to best effect together to focus on the clients end goal.

IT Solutions

We are not limited to any one IT Solution, IT Solution provider or business domain. This means we can assist customers get the most from existing IT systems or help them find suitable alternative IT systems. This offering has a similar approach to the Business Analysis service but it more focused on a particular IT systems rather than a business problem.

The goal and approach to this is still to ensure all the requirements and business requirements are understood, but is many instances primarily in smaller organisations this need to be a must lighter exercise and focus on bring some IT systems to a manual process.

Business Analysis

There are two main areas covered within the Business Analysis service offered by Appsure. IT. The first is focussed on identifying the root cause problem causing the client concern, then working through with them the range of potential opportunities to solve the problem. The client is then able to make informed decisions on how to solve this problem when they are ready to do so. All future steps in the process can be supported by Appsure IT, but it is important that progress is determined by the client readiness to progress.

The second main area within Business Analysis is to support clients looking to purchase or develop applications. In both situations it is critically important to capture, analyse and prioritise requirements to ensure that the client ends up with the application they need, that is aligned to their business.

Other services such as process improvement, workshop facilitation, strategic development and business analysis mentoring are also offered to clients.

Project Management

Our project management approach is tailored to each organisation and project. This ensures the clients expectations are met, while giving due consideration to the project complexity. Appsure IT can perform the project management role for your business for any new or existing project. We can also provide mentoring support for your existing IT project manager. The value of experience should not be overlooked when implementing IT projects!

Business Analytics

Ensuring that information is available to all decision makers within an organisation is critical to business success. Working with the key business users we document requirements; prototype the design and then implement the solution. This can range from basic reports providing simple views of information to high level management dashboards with the ability to drive down into detail as required. By working closely with users and applying Agile techniques we ensure that information is quickly made available to the decision makers, then refined into a suitable format.

My goal is for Appsure IT to have a positive impact on small and medium sized businesses in the Aberdeen, Scotland and UK. By combining Business Analysis investigation skills, good Project Management controls and using Business Analytics to provide business insights; I believe Appsure IT provides their clients a great partnership that supports their business.

If potential clients want to know more about how Appsure IT can help them, we offer a free initial consultation. This will allow a discussion on where the current pain points are and what options are available for working through to a successful conclusion.

If you want to hear more about Appsure IT and how we can support your business simply email or use the below form and we can book a free consultation.

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